Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Current Environmental Scenario of the World

The world environment has been facing the worst phase of climatic turmoil since its evolution. It is deteriorating day by day and is also affecting the million flora and fauna’s lives, including the humans. Yet we have no concerns for saving our planet.

A recent report developed by a group of researchers showed that the glacier that used to be huge as mountains are now shrinking faster at an alarming rate. And by few years ahead, they believe that the human race will be able to see land in the extreme northern continent. This is going to create havoc by raising the ocean level and flooding many megacities, as most of them are located near the coast. 

Since few years, the phenomenon of global warming has slowed down, which has led to mend in the mind of many layman that we are no more polluting the environment to that extent as we did before. But alas! Here’s an eye-opener for them. The earth’s surface is mostly covered with water. The ocean acts as an excellent carbon sink as carbon dioxide has higher affinity towards water molecules, hence gets trapped by the water and gets converted to carbonic acid. May be due to this reason, the global warming effect is less observed, but nowhere we have reduced the intensity of the pollution. Due to higher concentration of CO2 in water, this has resulted in low oxygen availability in ocean water causing death of aquatic animals as well as plants. This will not only affect these living organisms, but also the livelihood of those individuals who depend on fishing. This has also resulted in increased algal bloom in many reasons of the world. Recently, this problem has become prominent in the Mediterranean ocean, where the algal bloom can also be seen from the satellite images and is rapidly spreading towards Indian Ocean.

Every individual has a role to play in saving his/her planet. No govt. or organization can do this on their own. Environmental protection needs to be a collaborative effort.