In the context of the market culture, and the interest management lifestyle, the very purpose of marriage as an institution, has been decoded. It is also supported by many progressive judgments by the apex court. Time has come to put every unregistered marriage under lens. Trafficking of women and children has been projected with multifaceted dimensions. In order to combat with it, every individual irrespective of their role and capacity should be extra alert towards the manifestations of human emotions and should analyze the reality from the legal point of view for effective protection. No custom is mandatory. No ritual is unbeatable. No violence is tolerable. A victim is vulnerable not because he or she is poor, uneducated or illiterate, but because he or she is not alert, sensitive, and realistic at a certain point of time or under certain circumstances. So he or she is cheated and is trapped in the whirlpool of trafficking. He or she is either missed or is returned to home from where there are multiple possibilities of being re-trafficked or lands up in a rehabilitation center where he or she is simply reduced to living lass. Every case of trafficking is a matter of concern for each of us. Who knows tomorrow either you or your children or any of your relatives will not be a victim of it?
                 Trafficking is the second largest profitable trade and is next to drugs. What is most important to think about is whether we need individuals at the cost of money or vice-versa? How long we can afford the latter?

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Minakshi Panda.

(The writer is One of the Directors in the Board of Management of PECUC)

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